Virgo Woman And Gemini Man

Gemini man will always feel attracted towards Virgo woman from the first sight and hence the commencement of the relationship could be very comfortable. However, when it comes to long term relationship it will be an altogether different proposition due to the inherent differences between the two zodiac signs. Gemini man is born flirt and it will bring out the jealous side in Virgo woman. On the other hand Gemini man might become too annoyed with the constant criticism of Virgo woman.

It is necessary for both of them to understand each other perfectly so that the relationship can work well. For Gemini man everything is symbolic, academic or even rhetorical since he will take decision on impulses.

He is not insensitive but has the uncanny ability of maintaining a distance. Self criticism of Virgo woman is extraordinary but she wants to serve the world by finding fault with others. Aim of Virgo woman will always be to bring out a systematic order in life of all around her and that is the point where she risks losing her independent minded and freedom loving Gemini man. Both will be extremely vocal to each other and nothing would be held back. While they will be good to each other and develop mutual respect they may have different impact on each other. Gemini man will become calm and serene and Virgo woman will start feeling secure when the relationship prolongs. A lot of love will make the words therapeutic for each other.

Virgo woman will become responsible and take care of the Gemini man while he will take care of her insecurities pulling her out of it. Sexually the duo will have major differences and that could be the end of it. Virgo woman is not overly passionate but wishes to feel the physical affection of her lover. His detached attitude and excessive desire for change can spring up doubts in her mind and that will be the end of the possibility of long term relationship.


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