Gemini Woman And Virgo Man

Both Gemini woman and Virgo man will understand each others requirements pretty well. Most of the times they may share the feelings and thoughts about the outside world but when it comes to personal relationship, things will be different altogether. There will be more clashes than compatibility and it is essential that they remain honest to each other and develop mutual respect for the partner’s opinion. What is needed to make the relationship work is that he should neutralize his overtly critical nature while she should get rid of her tactlessness.

Showering the partner with little albeit interesting things the Gemini woman will try to win over him. Moreover, with sentimental gestures as well as excessive charm, the Gemini woman can go a long way in keeping the relationship alive. At the same time he will make a wonderful partner for the Gemini woman. He does not like conflict and his business like arrangements will be flawless impressing the Gemini woman no end. Gemini woman will provide Virgo man with the much required zest for excitements and stimulations. Virgo man will reciprocate providing the stability that Gemini woman needs though she seldom realizes it. This tendency in the duo will be the reason for great initial attractions.


Gemini woman will like freedom and mixing with others without its being considered as infidelity and if Virgo man can give her the freedom and respect she will most likely come back to him. Virgo man is never dominating in sex while his ability to keep the love making light may succeed with Gemini woman who will find the match good and worthy. She likes to keep things delicate and play games. While Gemini woman will feel comfortable and emotionally safe with Virgo man, the man will find rare adventure and excitement and it could cement their relationship. On the downside of the relationship is the natural love of Gemini woman to socialize and fly while Virgo man likes to stay home and stable. Arguments will stem from such mental state of conflicts and chaos may follow.

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